Happy New Year

I wish you all a wonderful new year full of happyness and joy


This is a nice made transformer laptop home video, really cool:

Thanks to Grisha for the link

Honda's Humanoid Robot

Amazing new robot, created by Honda corporation. It's walks and even runs just like a real human, you can almost believe that there is someone inside. It's just amazing what can be achived with todays technology.

How to surprise a kitty

A short and a cute clip about very suprised kitty

Speed painting - Evangeline Lilly

Let's go back in time to long forgotten 2004 when the the first season of LOST was up in the air, a lot of people around the world became dedicated fans of the show.
I think that the following work, which presented in speed painting technic, is a wonderful thing to watch even to those of you who isn't a fan. So enjoy Evangeline Lilly's picture:

Pigeon: Impossible

Here is a nice and impressive animation about a special agent, who had to deal with an unexpected interruption by a pigeon, in a middle of a special mission:

Russian reality

Here is a short and funny video about life in Russia, those people are actually funny, enjoy....

Free website

Today I would like to tell you about an interesting platform which allows to create a very smooth looking website for free. The creation process is very easy, just drag and drop the desired components, and Voila!!! You built yourself a flash based website.So I guess those of you who want a good looking, informational website can find it very useful.You can find more information on this company website WIX

RollTop - amaizing netbook concept

Can you imagine a flexible screen that can be rolled up to a cylinder, or stretched out into one gain screen, or if you want to it can asume a Netbook form with one part of the screen used as tuch keybord. Just whatch the follwing clip, it's unbelievable:

Thanks to Boris for the clip

The real Pixar Intro

Here is the real, uncensored version of PIXAR intro. It tells the real story about the pixar's famous symbol (Pixar lamp). Now at last you can learn the whole truth

Wonderful animation

This new and wonderful animation had been created by Pixar, the story tells, in a nice way ofcourse, how the mechanics of creation really works and that every creature has the right to exist in this world.
So, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful animation:

The Power of good story

Here is a nice advertising of french TV channel Canal+, I really think that this is nice and funny presentation of true powers of story-telling

My thanks to Alex who drew my attention to this video

Invisible Dogs at New York

2000 people decided to walk with their invisible dogs on the streets on New-York city.
Yeah Yeah this is a the new project of Improv Everywhere group. People of all ages very seriously walked their invisible dogs all over the city. The organizers of the event trusted the fact that if a walking by pedestrian or a going by driver will see a lot of people all around the city walking with these toys, somebody will eventually believe it for real.

One bull fights back

At January 2006 one bull decided to take revenge on the spectators of the show and jumped into the stands. It's an incredible jump - something that no bull never did before:

207$ Million Dollars

Did you ever wonder how much space you will need in your house for 207$ million dollars (in 100$ bills). The answer is in this clip about Mexican Drug Bust, notice the question of the reporter when she asks whether neighbours were surprised .....

Marussia - New Russian Car

Russians decided to play in the big league of car industry with their new concept car called Marusia. It makes up to 100 km/h (65 mph) in less then a 5 seconds with its' 270 horsepoweres.
Here is how the car looks like:
ahh.... and if you want to order... no problem just go here (don't forget to choose your color and enjoy :)

5 Best Animation on the Web

I would like to begin my blog with this beautiful collection of the best animations that can be found on the net. I belive that most of you had seen them before but nevertheless they are wonderful to watch again.