One bull fights back

At January 2006 one bull decided to take revenge on the spectators of the show and jumped into the stands. It's an incredible jump - something that no bull never did before:

207$ Million Dollars

Did you ever wonder how much space you will need in your house for 207$ million dollars (in 100$ bills). The answer is in this clip about Mexican Drug Bust, notice the question of the reporter when she asks whether neighbours were surprised .....

Marussia - New Russian Car

Russians decided to play in the big league of car industry with their new concept car called Marusia. It makes up to 100 km/h (65 mph) in less then a 5 seconds with its' 270 horsepoweres.
Here is how the car looks like:
ahh.... and if you want to order... no problem just go here (don't forget to choose your color and enjoy :)

5 Best Animation on the Web

I would like to begin my blog with this beautiful collection of the best animations that can be found on the net. I belive that most of you had seen them before but nevertheless they are wonderful to watch again.