Human Body as Imput Device

This is a very interesting development which provide us with the ability to use human body as an input device in our interaction with the digital media around us. For example it's allows you to control your Ipod or your phone simply by moving your fingers or tapping on your hand.

Life In Israel

This is a true and a nicely put presentation of political situation in israel. This video explains in a very realistic way, what is Israel and why this unique and wonderful place have to fight against evil and terror in order to survive:

New performance of an old classic

Here is a nice performance by the Muppets of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (thanks to Alex for the link), enjoy!

Do you like (to wear) Chocolate?

The magnificent combination of Chefs and clothes designers produces it 15th time the Paris Salon du Chocolate show, this time in Shanghai.


Everyone wants to believe that he or she is the biggest and the most important creation in the whole universe, maybe it's true, in some metaphorical way. But if we speak about phisics the truth is obvious and expressed nicely in the fllowing image. You can see the relative size of our home planet (the Earth) in the solar system and the universe.

Happy New Year

I wish you all a wonderful new year full of happyness and joy


This is a nice made transformer laptop home video, really cool:

Thanks to Grisha for the link